Hi Deirdre! Thanks so much for a most enlightening & enjoyable day! It was so nice to meet the other girls & yourself of course! Your manner & personality were equally fantastic & left me with a lovely feeling of satisfaction & contentment ! I only wish I was living nearer your clinic in Ranelagh so I could pay you an occasional visit for a bit of support & grounding!
Once again thank – you so much for z fantastic day in a super venue !
Chris, Mindful Eating Workshop participant

Hi Deirdre, I’ve been meaning to email you since I attended your workshop in Emmaus Centre a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed the day and even though I allready knew about mindful eating in theory, I think it’s something you have to be forced to do or guided through in order to really do it properly. I can’t believe how much it has changed my attitude to food and eating – it’s unbelievable! I think I remark on it almost every time I eat – I’m sure my boyfriend is getting pretting fed up of hearing about it at this stage! I feel like I can eat whatever I want and don’t have to think back over what I ate over the course of the day to check if it was good or bad because I am only eating when I am hungry and I know I make good food choices 90% of the time so there really is nothing to check. It’s so liberating as eating had become a love/hate thing for me and something I spent so much time thinking about, it was starting to drive me mad. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you really helped me. Thank you so much!
Jennifer, Mindful Eating Workshop participant

Deirdre recently provided a seminar on Nutrition for older people to my organisation. The feedback from attendees was excellent and her inclusive, informative style was pitched just right for the audience. Highly recommended.
Molly Sommers, HomeInstead Care for the Elderly

Deirdre is an amazing professional. Just had an amazing consultation with her. She knows a lot. Definitely recommended.
Tiago Reis, Nutrition Client

“Thank you so much Deirdre for your help . You really gave me the time in a professional and confidential way to get to the bottom of my difficulties when no one else did.
Your patience ,understanding  and encouragement was what kept me going. I am now feeling a whole lot better ! You are amazing at what you do !! ” Paula
Paula, Nutrition and Mindful Eating client

Thank you Deirdre for the wonderful day yesterday. I really enjoyed it. I thought it was a lovely group and enjoyed the interaction. The mindfulness really struck a chord! I think your personality is very suited to the practice. Thanks again!
Sharon, Mindful Eating Workshop participant

Deidre is a fantastic professional. I didn’t know of what to expect from her workshops, but was delighted to each one of them. I left feeling fresh, invigorated, beautiful and powerful. I really recommend her.
Luisa Mello, Participant on Mindful Eating weekend retreat

Since attending your Mindful Eating Workshop several months ago, my cholesterol levels have dropped so much that my doctor took me off all medication. I look forward to attending your support/discussion groups soon. Thanks again.
Nuala, Mindful Eating Workshop participant

Morning Deirdre, just to reiterate yesterday’s conversation, I really enjoyed your workshop, learnt loads of tips and was blown away with how nice yourself and the other girls were, not that I was expecting anything less. Thank you!
Maria, Mindful Eating Workshop participant

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