So, a little about me, my qualifications and the benefits of Holistic Nutrition and Mindful Eating.

I’ve always had a general interest in good nutrition. However, it was only having experienced a debilitating illness that I really saw the unbelieveable benefits of optimum nutrition. I firmly believe that nourishing my body with fresh organic foods and natural supplements greatly assisted in my recovery and I continue to witness health and healing through diet and lifestyle changes. Having returned to my sparkly self I decided to enter the area of nutrition to share the knowledge I gained throughout my experience.  I graduated with a diploma in Holistic Nutrition in 2008.

As a Holistic Nutritionist I treat the person holistically, concentrating on treating the mind and body, through the use of diet, natural supplements and self awareness techniques.  Holistic Nutrition uses various combinations of food and nutrients to help individuals achieve optimal physical, mental and spiritual health.  It can be beneficial for the average person who may want to lose weight or generally become healthier or for healing or symptom management for people living with illness or other medical conditions.  What we eat has a direct influence on our health. It sounds so basic, but people are just beginning to make this connection. Nutrition is the basis of health and therefore so important to our overall wellbeing.

I have also completed a year long course in Mindful Eating for Health Care Professionals in October 2010.  I have been meditating and using Mindfulness in my own life for over six years. I frequently teach mindful eating techniques during consulations to enable the client to become aware of food choices as well as physical hunger and fullness cues.

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