Mindful Eating

Our food issues and weight problems aren’t just about what we’re eating, but why we’re eating in the first place. If we’re not eating to satisfy hunger than why are we eating? Are we eating in response to other triggers, perhaps the time of day, appetizing food, boredom, loneliness or stress? Is food meeting other needs for us? Is that why we can eat too much and still not feel satisfied? Could this be the reason why so many people are struggling with their weight? Could this be the reason why diets frequently just don’t seem to work?

Are you sick of dieting and overeating? Would you like to develop a healthier relationship to food?

Mindful Eating can help us to:

  • Finally understand why diets don’t always work for you or most other people
  • Discover simple yet powerful tools for knowing when, what, and how much to eat
  • Find out how to eat the foods you love without guilt – and without bingeing
  • Stop obsessing about food, eating, and your weight and free yourself to live the full life you deserve
  • Learn the truth about nutrition without confusing, arbitrary rules
  • Nourish your body, mind, and spirit to build your health, energy, and joy

Mindful eating draws substantially on the use of mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness helps bring our attention and awareness to the present moment, which in turn, helps us disengage from habitual and unsatisfying habits and behaviors. Engaging in mindful eating practices on a regular basis can help us discover a far more satisfying relationship to food.